About Us


AMERESCO was the brainchild of Mardonio R. Santos, Primo B. Silveo, Dionisio M. Jamandores. Joined by Prospero S. Almeda, Sr., Maida F. Gonzaga and Manuel S. Ramos, Jr. as co-incorporators and Efrain F. Gonzalez as stockholder. These men, armed with their respective expertise, vast experience from USIPHIL and KOPPEL and with the utmost determination to succeed, AMERESCO COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL COMPANY, INC. was incorporated on 21 August 1973.

Its very first project was the design and fabrication of executive and clerical office tables for Intel, which was at the time, was yet to be established in the Philippines. The acceptance of this project, marked the beginning of Ameresco as a contracting company, and not so long after, projects in the line of cooling and refrigeration systems came pouring in.


AMERESCO COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL COMPANY, INC. is a company that designs, fabricates, services, installs and imports equipment for refrigeration, cooling and ice-making.

Our team boasts of professional and competent engineers, designers and contractors that make us capable of helping you develop innovative solutions to your cooling and refrigeration systems.

A cooling and refrigeration systems and technologies specialist that has advanced into one of the most progressive corporations in the Philippines providing products and services necessary to deliver cooling and refrigeration solutions in the commercial and industrial sectors.


Seamless Partnership

We believe in giving our clients the highest quality of service no matter how large or small the transaction involved or the enterprise is. We promote a kind of partnership where we listen, communicate openly and respect each otherís opinion.

Dedication to Excellence

We advocate a profound sense of responsibility to our work and we persistently seek to improve it so we may provide our clients the utmost quality of service.

Honesty and Integrity

We strive to operate our business based on the highest moral and ethical principles while applying sincerity, good judgment and fairness in all our transactions.

Social Responsibility

We advocate taking part in the global efforts of maintaining and improving our community environment which is why we are on the look-out for cooling and refrigeration systems and technologies that will not only improve the quality of life but also comply with the environmental standards.



We advocate profound sense of responsibility for our work as well as accountability for our actions. Hence, we continuously seek to improve our skills and our sense of being so we can give our best not only to our clients, but also to our community.


We are committed to our clients, partners, Company and the success of our co-workers. We are dedicated to our team and its goals, driven to go the extra mile to ensure that our hard work makes a positive difference for everyone.


As the new member of TRACE International in the Philippines, we stand by our commitment to adhere to sound business practices and ethical values when dealing with clients, suppliers as well as with the government. Further, we believe that honest, fair, and transparent negotiation and partnership are mutually beneficial for all parties concerned.


As members of an organization, we are both ready and willing to contribute time and resources that are supportive of a common goal despite diversity in background and faith. Let's admit it, acceptance can be challenging at times but we manage to look beyond our differences and remain unshaken with our belief that there are so many things we cannot do singly.

Social Responsibility

More than profit, it is what one gives back to the community that matters. Hence, we continuously strive to be good corporate citizens. Whatever we can - tree planting, waste management, community service, or our advocacy to promote green technology - we would like to do our share in making our only planet a better place to live in.

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