With years of experience and extensive knowledge of the cooling process and droplet separation, Brentwood designs and manufactures cost-effective cooling tower products that optimize cooling, reduce drift and windage loss, and improve tower performance.

  • Film fill
  • Splash fill
  • Drift eliminators
  • Accessories for crossflow and counterflow towers.


Finnchain Oy signifies a strong capability in the chain field, for the special support of environmental technology applications. Our main products are chain scraper systems used for waste water- and water treatment processes.

Our whole operation, from the design of the product to its service free practice is reflective of our strict way in realising our clients' hopes and requirements professionally, reliably, persistently and broadly.

  • Sludge scrapers for rectangular tanks
  • Sludge scrapers for circular tanks
  • Removal of surface scum
  • Grit scrapers


Morris & Associates has been designing and producing innovative, efficient systems for chilling poultry and producing ice for industrial applications since 1949. In fact, the growth of the chilling industry in the United States and around the world can be attributed in great measure to Morris & Associates’ innovations.

Poultry Chilling

  • Auger Chiller
  • JetBird® Chiller Enhancement System
  • Drag Chiller
  • HMR Chiller
  • Heat Exchangers (Water Chillers / Re-Chiller)

Pathogen Control

  • Finishing Chiller®
  • COPE (Continuous Online Pathogen Elimination)

Ice Production

  • Tube-Cube® Ice Maker
  • Nugget™ Ice Maker
  • Ice Master® Rake Bin

Concrete Cooling

  • Just-In-Time Ice Production System
  • Ice Batch Weigh Scale and Slinger


VilterTM is the name to rely on for dependable, high-performance refrigeration. Our products include a complete line of compressors, condensers, heat exchangers and related equipment to solve any refrigeration challenge. You'll find Vilter equipment used throughout the world, from the smallest cold storage room to huge food processing operations.

Refrigeration Products:

  • Single Screw Compressors
  • Single Screw Ammonia Heat Pump
  • VRSH Twin Screw Compressors
  • VMC 350ES Compressor
  • The 450XL Compressor
  • Vission 20/20
  • VILTech
  • VILTech Retrofit Kit
  • Air Units
  • Packaged Refrigeration Systems
  • Motor Starter
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